pj_piraten_karte_lay15_pm_fuer_flyer_LOWFrom Caldaro to the isle of Capri, from the lakeshore at the foot of the Dolomites to one of the most stunning islands in the Mediterranean: from 15 through 26 of May, Andrea Moser and Gerhard Sanin will pedal more than 1,000 kilometres on their tandem bike, followed by a chase car with two photographers-videographers who will document the trip so that it can be recounted in real time.

Each stop along the way will feature at least one encounter, either a dinner in a restaurant, an adventure in a pizzeria, a visit to a specialty-food producer, or an exploration of a local farmers market. Some stops will feature a one-on-one with a restaurateur, or a blogger, journalist, or an opinion-maker. And of course they will be sharing bottles of Schiava (Kalterersee DOC) with those they meet along the route.

At each of these stops, Schiava will amply demonstrate its versatility in accompanying fish and pizza, cow’s milk and goat cheeses, salumi and regional specialties.

Day Weekday Date Start Arrival Distance Elevation gain
1 Sunday 15.05.2016 Caldaro Rovereto 78 124
2 Monday 16.05.2016 Rovereto Lazise 70 564
3 Tuesday 17.05.2016 Lazise Reggio nell’Emilia 128 108
4 Wednesday 18.05.2016 Reggio nell’Emilia Fanano 85 1842
5 Thursday 19.05.2016 Fanano Firenze 101 1477
6 Friday 20.05.2016 Firenze Siena 73 1596
7 Saturday 21.05.2016 Siena Pienza 62 954
8 Sunday 22.05.2016 Pienza Viterbo 99 1092
9 Monday 23.05.2016 Viterbo Roma 87 862
10 Tuesday 24.05.2016 Roma Terracina 127 211
11 Wednesday 25.05.2016 Terracina Napoli 129 904
12 Thursday 26.05.2016 Napoli Capri 36
1039 9734