Once upon a time there were (and still are)… two pirates, Andrea and Gerhard. They lived on the stunning Lake Kaltern, set gem-like amidst the mountains and hills of the Alto Adige region. Up in that mountain lake, they had all that a pirate heart could desire – a boat in which to cruise the lake in imperious style, good wine (lake sailing pirates do not drink rum, of course), and a real treasure: two bottles of the finest wine that this area produces, Kalterersee. But one thing was missing to make them truly happy, a treasure island. As is well known, a true pirate must perforce have an island, and they had been searching for one for some time, but without success.

One day, while they were out searching, they caught sight of something floating in the water. Upon fishing it out, they were excited to see that it was a bottle with something in it; when they un-corked it they found a map that had yellowed over many years. Feverishly unrolling it, they recognised it as a treasure map. Could this be the answer to their longings? Studying it carefully, they realized that the island it indicated lay somewhere in the seas to the south. They couldn’t believe their eyes; their dreams would now be realised.

They quickly packed a knapsack, mounted their tandem bicycle, and off they pedalled! Their adventure had begun! Before them stretched hundreds of kilometres of roads, cities never visited, new friends to meet, new foods to discover. Along with them they brought their lust for adventure and their treasure, the wine of Kaltern, Schiava (Kalterersee DOC).