Bring the Kalterersee wine with them on a journey through Italy: meet chefs, artisan producers of specialty foods, and wine-lovers; dive into the open-air markets, and try new food and wine pairings; tell the “Alto Adige story” in a new way, thanks to its encounter with other cuisines and other cultures. This is the basic idea that animates the “Schiava Pirates” (Pirati del Kalterersee) project, in which Andrea Moser and Gerhard Sanin unite their passion for cycling and for meeting personal challenges with their overwhelming love for their native corner of earth. They will bring their Kalterersee from Kaltern to the island of Capri so that a much larger and diverse community can appreciate it.

To achieve this, they have chosen the most simple and ecologically-responsible means, but one closest to the hearts of Italians, the bicycle, the means of transportation that embodies spontaneity and an untrammelled worldview, inviting and irresistible, and to a certain extent transgressive, traits classic to Schiava as well.